Mission, Vision and Values

Shot of a group of young businesspeople joining hands in solidarity in a modern office


Empathically linking people in the logistics industry showing Respect, Ethics, Integrity and Honesty.

Embracing our team and our individual ambitions, leading them together for happiness and success, being grateful for the opportunities and challenges we receive during our life’s journey.

It’s all about sharing our vision over the world and create a new way of doing business.


In a market struggling for differentiation, our mindset is to assume that we want to be different and think differently.

We believe in logistics performed by competent and skilled people, IT driven, ambitious and focused, salted with passion for this activity, balanced on life and happy on their daily activities.

Our dream it to build up skilled and valued people and contribute with the combination of all their unique and personal knowledge to everyone’s future.

Enjoying Mind4Logistics team working closely with you and embracing your shipments, will be much more than a logistics successful partnership!